REVIEW: Lay’s Deep Dish Pizza

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Last year, these chips were inspired by popular Chicago-based restaurant Giordano’s.

This year, they’re inspired by a gigantic mouth.

Lay’s Deep Dish Pizza

Lay's Deep Dish Pizza

Meet Shawn W, one of Lay’s Mouth Models on these specially-marked bags of Lay’s Potato Chips designed to help support Operation Smile. It’s his nose, mouth, and beard that hovers proudly over the Lays logo on the bag of Lay’s Deep Dish Pizza chips I purchased. His player-card on the back reads:

Shawn started a nonprofit bicycle shop called WeCycle Atlanta that helps teach inner-city youth valuable life skills and the impact of community service.

This is truly a tremendous accomplishment that serves a tremendous purpose, but you know what else does?

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Giordano’s stuffs its Deep Dish Pizzas!

Lay's Deep Dish Pizza

Last year you had to live in the Midwest or order your chips online in Lay’s Taste of America promotion to get them, but this year Lay’s Deep Dish Pizza should be easily procured at Walmart and some other local groceries.

My verbatim review appears after the jump, because my accomplishments do not include possessing enough talent to write refreshing, original content twice in one calendar year.

Lay's Deep Dish Pizza

Does it taste like the pizza-lasagna monstrosity that is deep dish pizza? Not necessarily deep dish, but I’m shocked to death at how much this does taste like pizza.

Lay’s Deep Dish Pizza joins a myriad of other pizza-flavored snacks on shelves, but God help me it might taste the most like pizza. There’s something about the inherently oily base of a chip that works so well with this tomato-y seasoning and carefully-constructed cheese blend to recreate the signature dish. Like I can even taste the crust, and then Lay’s topped it with garlic powder and onion powder just like I would a hot New York slice.

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Whether you best enjoy your pizza in the Midwest, the Northeast, or an airport toilet, you’ll enjoy Lay’s Deep Dish Pizza.

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Burning Questions:

  1. Where are you enjoying Lay’s Deep Dish Pizza? Airport toilet.
  2. Isn’t stuffed deep dish pizza just lasagna? *Pizza-flavored lasagna.
  3. How do I get my mouth on a bag of chips? Hold it up to your face.

Place of Purchase: Walmart

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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