Hostess Orange Creme Pop Twinkies

REVIEW: Hostess Orange Creme Pop Twinkies

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Hell yeah! It’s about time we got another weird Twinkie I won’t like. 😍

Hostess Orange Creme Pop Twinkies

Hostess Orange Creme Pop Twinkies

I think it’s fair to say Twinkies have taken a little sabbatical after pumping out so many disgusting limited edition Twinkies in recent years. In fact it’s been about two years since the last set of limited edition flavors dropped with Cotton Candy Twinkies (which tasted like Cotton Candy Bubble Yum) and Peppermint Twinkies (which looked like a bloody tampon). These didn’t exactly produce encouraging results after the prior year brought us Ghostbusters Key Lime Slime Twinkies, which looked like (and probably tasted like) Slimer turds.

There were no new Twinkies in 2018, but they did bring back those Cotton Candy ones. When they debuted I wrote that they were exactly what happened when you put the Cotton Candy Stand next to the Fried Twinkie Stand and let carnies talk to each other. These new Orange Creme Pop Twinkies, then, must draw inspiration from an equally creepy source: the ice cream man.

You know how I know ice cream men are creepy? Because I was one.

Read more about what a f*cking creep I was here.

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Hostess Orange Creme Pop Twinkies

Now that I’ve lost whatever respect you had left for me (none), these Hostess Orange Creme Pop Twinkies are made with the classic golden sponge cake and an orange creme filling.

They look like a toddler colored a picture of a corn dog with the Macaroni & Cheese crayon.

Hostess Orange Creme Pop Twinkies

The cake is rubbery and its texture is best described as awful. But as always, it doesn’t taste half bad with a little buttery pound cake vibe hiding underneath that oily sheen.

It takes a real weirdo like me – the kinda guy who used to be an ice cream man – to admit that he actually likes this particular set of chemicals that yielded this orange creme. It’s loaded with sugar of course, yet it isn’t JUST sweetness as there’s some bitterness coming with the orange flavoring. It’s almost refreshing, and I’ll be damned that it even pairs well with the light vanilla notes in the cake.

Welp, the Twinkies freaks really made an ass out of me today. They made a weird Twinkie flavor that I really enjoy despite my low expectations. It’s much like my experience with those surprising Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s that blew me away last year. However, until Hostess can figure out how to bake a cake that doesn’t chew like a tire, it simply can’t enter the highest tier of junk food.

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Impressive for a Twinkie though.

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Burning Questions:

  1. What’s the best Twinkie flavor you ever had? Deep fried.
  2. I should have seen that one coming. You should have.
  3. Why didn’t you make it as an ice cream man? Ate all the ice cream.

Place of Purchase: Walmart

Rating: 8 out of 10

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