Hostess Moonberry Twinkies

REVIEW: Hostess Moonberry Twinkies

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If you thought Hostess had already conceived every flavor on the planet for its Twinkies line, you’re right.

But that isn’t stopping them…

Hostess Moonberry Twinkies

Hostess Moonberry Twinkies

What a resurgence for the f*cking Moon here in 2019. For my entire life up until this year, the only moon-related thing I ate were Moon Pies. Quite frankly, this was all the moon I needed. Suddenly I turn around and the moon has its own Oreo flavor, and Krispy Kreme is giving out free doughnuts for the moon and releasing cinematic moon-doughnut trailers to hype it up. Now we have Moonberry Twinkies?

Not too bad for a place we’ve probably never been to!

Hostess Moonberry Twinkies

Just kidding; we have obviously been there. How else would we know that the moon tastes like berries and sponge cake?

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Let that soak in, conspiracy theorists…

We must have been to the Moon because we know it tastes like Twinkies and berries. 

Hostess Moonberry Twinkies

According to a rep for the brand, the dark blue Twinkie cake is supposed to resemble the night sky, and the Moonberry-flavored filling is “smooth, sweet, and fruity.”

According to me, weird Twinkie isn’t awful.

The closest thing resembling a real berry on the ingredient list doesn’t exist, but I would say a mix between artificial blueberry and artificial strawberry is where this lands.

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The color is downright disgusting; it looks like a dead, dying Twinkie. However the dark blue/gray cake possesses all the same lovable weirdness of the original. There’s no impact to the flavor at all.

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Hostess Moonberry Twinkies

I gotta be honest: it may look like an alien penis, but the combination of fruit-ish cream and decaying cake tastes better than first, second, or third glance would have you believe.

Burning Questions:

  1. Did we go to the moon? Probably not.
  2. But we might have? I doubt it.
  3. I didn’t think there was berries on the moon. There isn’t.

Place of Purchase: Walmart (Exclusive)

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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